Ignace’s “Willingness Project”

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In response to the mid-2021 launch of Ignace’s “Willingness Project,” We the Nuclear Free North has distributed an Open Letter to residents of Ignace, Dyment, Dinorwic and Wabigoon areas, outlining our concerns about a potential Deep Geological Repository including those around willingness (informed consent), the safety of transportation to the site, and the safety of the operation/presence of the repository.

Distribution of the Open Letter by Canada Post turned out to be uneven. You may download a PDF of the Open Letter here below. It is of particular interest to those in the Ignace/Dyment/Wabigoon areas, but contains much general information as well, and links to more sources.

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Open Letter to the Residents of Ignace, Dyment, Dinorwic and Wabigoon areas.

Ignace’s “Willingness Project”

In mid-2021 the Township of Ignace launched a “willingness survey,” with the stated aim of determining support for the Nuclear Waste Management Organization’s (NWMO) proposal to bury all of Canada’s nuclear fuel waste in a Deep Geological Repository (DGR) west of Ignace – a project they call the “Adaptive Phased Management (APM) project.”

You may access Ignace’s willingness survey here: https://www.ignace.ca/survey It is currently available online, with no stated deadline. We encourage you to respond to their survey with your views.

You may access the Township of Ignace’s “Let’s Talk Willingness” webpage here, which includes links to more information from the Township: https://www.ignace.ca/residents/community/apm-project

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