Educational and Awareness Materials

Here is your one-stop source of educational and awareness materials, to let people know that there are plans to potentially bury and abandon nuclear fuel waste deep in the rock of Northwestern Ontario.

All are welcome to use these materials for info tables and peaceful displays of opposition – or just for your own information!


“SAY NO!” Poster (8.5″ x 11″ – colour PDF)

“NO CONSENT HERE!” Poster (8.5″ x 11″ – colour PDF)

“Backgrounder” Info Sheet (2-page PDF)

Medicine and Nuclear Power – a Sept. 2022 factsheet by Dr. Gordon Edwards of the Canadian Council for Nuclear Responsibility.

How Dangerous Is a Used CANDU Fuel Bundle? – a factsheet based on referenced material shared by Dr. Gordon Edwards.

Article: “What is the Risk that Surface Water will be Affected if a Deep Geological Repository for All of Canada’s High Level Nuclear Waste Proceeds?” (4-page PDF)

Info Sheet on Option Clause for Temporary Shallow Storage (1-page, 2-to-a-page PDF)

TatanagobinMide Ki’Wenzie of the Lynx Clan tells the story of We the Nuclear Free North’s spirit name, and the Song of the Kinabeg (snake). (PDF)

Image of page - "Tatanagobin" - the story of We the Nuclear Free North's spirit name

The Green Jewel – a poem concerning nuclear fuel waste disposal in Northwestern Ontario by Wendy Galbraith O’Connor (PDF)

Image of printed page: "The Green Jewel" - a poem by Wendy Galbraith O'Connor

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View these videos, posted on We the Nuclear Free North’s YouTube Channel, yourself and share with your group to spread knowledge of the issue.

We the Nuclear Free North’s Launch Video, from May 2021, gives a solid overview of concerns around NWMO’s proposed Deep Geological Repository for nuclear fuel waste in the area between Ignace and Dryden in Northwestern Ontario.

We the Nuclear Free North Launch Video – 50 min.

Rural Thunder Bay’s Wonderful Core Band asks the people how they feel about 1,000 truckloads a year of nuclear fuel waste passing through their communities.

WTNFN member Wendy O’Connor wrote a song, “The Span of Half-Lives” (to a familiar tune), and presents info and images of what we oppose and why we oppose it in this 4-minute music video released in November, 2022.

Nuclear Waste 101, by Dr. Gordon Edwards of the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility, is a short video that details the physics of nuclear waste, in easily understandable terms.

Nuclear Waste 101 – 15 min.

Also by Dr. Gordon Edwards, How I Became a Nuclear Skeptic describes Dr. Edwards’ journey from being an idealistic university student who admired the technology of nuclear power production, to a scientist who opposes it because of the deadly waste it produces.

How I Became a Nuclear Skeptic – 32 min.

Learn why Environment North and many other groups and individuals oppose the proposed abandonment of all of Canada’s nuclear fuel waste in a deep geological repository in Northwestern Ontario, in this two-part video: Proposed Nuclear Waste Burial in Northwestern Ontario. In the videos, Graham Saunders shares the Dr. Gordon Edwards’ presentation, “Canada’s Radioactive Waste: Abandonment vs. Stewardship.” The presentation was given at Environment North’s 2021 Annual General Meeting.

13 min.
19 min.

The following videos require registration to view and are not available for public presentation without permission. Inquiries may be sent to

Nuclear Waste Online is an informative yearly webinar series produced by Northwatch. Items include updates on what has transpired during the last year. Registration is available to view the recordings. Here are two from the February 2022 series.

Nuclear Waste On-line 2022: Informed and Unwilling – Close Up on NWMO Candidate Sites (click to register and view) – With guests from Northwatch, Environment North, We the Nuclear Free North, and Protect Our Waterways No Nuclear Waste, this webinar gives updates on the NWMO program and activities as the company zeros in on the two municipalities – South Bruce and Ignace – that remain engaged in the NWMO’s siting process. The focus is on the NWMO’s program and associated developments in Canada’s radioactive waste policy, regulation and nuclear expansions.

Nuclear Waste On-line 2022: Radioactive Waste: The Next Generation (click to register and view) – with presentations by Dr. Gordon Edwards on the risks of reprocessing radioactive waste, Dr. M.V. Ramana on Small Modular Reactors and SMR waste, and Dr. Frank Von Hippel on Proliferation Risks.