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Our current goal is to raise awareness of the following:

Highly radioactive nuclear waste may begin to be transported to the Revell Lake area within the next few years, without meaningful consent from those who will be directly affected.

Who could be directly affected? Think big, then bigger.

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  • residents, landowners and tourism operators within 200 km of the disposal site could be directly affected by decreasing property values and tourist visits
  • all living things downstream of the disposal site, if radioactive material escapes into the water; this includes the Wabigoon and the Turtle River watersheds, Winnipeg’s water supply, and eventually Hudson Bay
  • all people living near the transportation route all the way from southern Ontario and including Sault Ste. Marie and Thunder Bay, in case of accident

The Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO), in their documentation, alludes only to consent from residents of Ignace, 40 km from the potential disposal site.

Contact your elected representatives

Here is a sample letter in MS Word that you can use or modify if you wish.

Chiefs & Councils
Find community contact info with this Map
(with thanks to Chiefs of Ontario)

Municipal leaders in Northwestern Ontario [Note: these will be updated shortly with November 2022 info]
Dennis Brown – Mayor of Atikokan
Sheila Maxwell – Acting Mayor of Conmee Municipality
Greg Wilson – Mayor of Dryden
Andrew Hallikas – Mayor of Fort Frances
Wendy Wright – Reeve of Gillies Township
Kevin Kahoot – Mayor of the Township of Ear Falls
Penny Lucas – Mayor of Ignace
Daniel Reynard – Mayor of Kenora
Erwin Butikofer – Mayor of Neebing Municipality
Jim Vezina – Mayor of O’Connor Township
Lucy Kloosterhuis – Mayor of Oliver-Paipoonge Municipality
Dwight Monck – Mayor of Pickle Lake Township
Deborah Ewald – Mayor of Rainy River
Fred Mota – Mayor of Municipality of Red Lake
Wendy Landry – Mayor of Shuniah Municipality

City of Thunder Bay Mayor and Council
Bill Mauro – Mayor of Thunder Bay
Albert Aiello – Councillor
Mark Bentz – Councillor
Shelby Ch’ng – Councillor
Andrew Foulds – Councillor
Cody Fraser – Councillor
Brian Hamilton – Councillor
Trevor Giertuga – Councillor
Rebecca Johnson – Councillor
Brian Mckinnon – Councillor
Kirsten Oliver – Councillor
Aldo Ruberto – Councillor
Peng You – Councillor

Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs)
Sol MamakwaKiiwetinoong
Greg RickfordKenora-Rainy River /
– Greg Rickford is also Minister of Energy, Mines, Northern Development and Indigenous Affairs
Judith Monteith-FarrellThunder Bay Atikokan
Michael GravelleThunder Bay Superior North

Jeff Yurek – Ontario Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks

Members of Federal Parliament (MPs)
Patty HajduThunder Bay-Superior North
Marcus PowlowskiThunder Bay-Rainy River
Eric MelilloKenora

Steven Guilbeault – Minister of Environment and Climate Change (Federal)

The above lists are not comprehensive, and cover only Northwestern Ontario. Those on the transportation route to the east and south are also affected, so we encourage you to make yourself heard! Contact us if you need assistance.

Write a letter to the Editor

Letters to the Editor may seem old fashioned, but they are widely read and effective. Make your voice heard!

Our list: NW Ontario Contacts for Letters to the Editor and Opinion Pieces

Thunder Bay Chronicle-Journal – Submit a Letter to the Editor
Fort Frances Times – Letters to the Editor
Kenora Miner & News – Letters

Post our poster

Download an 8.5 x 11″ PDF of the Say No! poster. Post it in your window, on your mailbox, and on local bulletin boards.

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Sign our petition

Over 4,000 concerned individuals have signed the petition, Stop the Disposal of Nuclear Waste in Northwestern Ontario, posted by Environment North in late 2019. Signing shows your support, and provides a handy way to receive updates. Go to the Petition.

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Ally with us!

Can you offer further support to our cause? Do you represent an organization? Are you a concerned individual? Are you establishing a local group? Would you like to be part of a working group? Do you have an idea? Please contact us by clicking the button below. Time is of the essence.