It’s easy to make a donation to help the cause of opposing the burial of all of Canada’s radioactive nuclear fuel waste in Northwestern Ontario. Your donation will be used for educational materials (postcards, signs) and their distribution. Our organization is volunteer driven, so all funds donated go to education.

2021 achievements we’re proud of

In 2021, we founded We the Nuclear Free North. Our volunteers designed our first educational postcard and distributed to 30,000 homes in Northwestern Ontario; launched a website and social media; liaised with allied organizations; networked with emerging local groups; presented at municipal council meetings and engagement sessions; organized and attended public info displays and peaceful demonstrations of opposition. Most of these activities required no fundraising, but we successfully raised funds in 2021 specifically to send an informational postcard to thousands of households in NW Ontario. This education and awareness campaign was very effective.

2022 Fundraising Campaign

Postcard campaign to raise awareness about transportation dangers

DRAFT of our 2022 Transportation Risks postcard

Our first target with our new postcard is to reach 50,000 households on the transportation route leading to the Nuclear Waste Management Organization’s candidate nuclear waste burial site between Ignace and Dryden. The NWMO won’t disclose their intended route, and it’s likely that they will use more than one, but Highways 622, 17 and 11 are almost certainly going to be on their route(s).

Our ultimate fundraising goal for this transportation postcard is $12,000 – which will allow us to reach 100,000 households. It’s a lot, but we have a plan to get started with the postcard distribution when we reach the half-way mark ($6,000), and then just keep expanding our distribution as more financial help arrives. We can do a lot with a little money because we are a group of dedicated volunteers.

To see a draft version of the postcard, please click HERE.

Ways to donate

You can use our GoFundMe page as an easy and secure way to donate. Note that the GoFundMe page does not generate a charitable receipt.

If you require a charitable receipt, donations can be made through Canada Helps, and a charitable receipt is issued at the time of donation. Please visit the Canada Helps Link for our charitable partner The Demeter Project, and choose “We the Nuclear Free North” under “Fund”. We the Nuclear Free North will receive these funds for our nuclear waste awareness work.

You can also receive a charitable receipt if you use Interac eTransfer for a donation of $100 or above. Please send to, and email or call us at 1-855-225-8055 (toll free) regarding the security question. Charitable receipts are available for donations over $100 on request; if you wish to receive a charitable receipt, please include your name and address in your message.

You may also donate by cheque made out to We the Nuclear Free North, and mailed to:
PO Box 10012
Thunder Bay, ON P7B 6T6

We regret we cannot provide charitable receipts for donations by cheque.

We thank you very much for your help!