Who we are

Our mission statement:

We the Nuclear Free North is an alliance of people and groups opposing a Deep Geological Repository for nuclear waste in Northern Ontario. We oppose the transport, burial and abandonment of this radioactive waste in our northern watersheds. We seek to engage the public in a discussion of the risks of such a repository. We demand transparency from agencies responsible for the production and management of such wastes. We invite you to join us. Future generations rely on us!

Kawashegamuck Lake, Northwestern Ontario, Canada - with word, "Tataganobin"

Tataganobin: looking far ahead into the future

Elder Peter “Alo” White, Knowledge Keeper, Mide Ki’Wenzie, Ki’eshgitabaaning Cultural and Healing Lodge has been given a powerful message from the Kinabeg (snakes), who are very important to Anishinaabe culture because they live so close to Aki (mother earth). They came to him in a dream to tell about the future and what will happen if people sit idle and not help Aki (mother earth).

The name Tataganobin should be used for all people who work together to protect our Aki.

Hear Elder Peter Alo White tell about having this vision, including the song of the Kinabeg, or read the transcript.

Download the PDF of Mide Ki’Wenzie’s (Peter Alo White’s) story of Tataganobin.

More about us:

Who we are: We are citizens and groups from many Northern Ontario communities, including First Nations, who oppose all proposed and planned nuclear projects in the North. This includes Lake Superior and Hudson Bay watersheds. We aim to protect people, wildlife, waterways and wilderness from radioactivity and other risks introduced by the transportation, burial and abandonment of nuclear waste.

northwest ontario lake
A Northwestern Ontario lake. Waters are especially vulnerable to radioactive contamination.

What we believe: Nuclear power is a deadly energy source and produces the longest-lived contamination on Earth. It is not a bridge to renewable energy. The nuclear energy production cycle, including the exploration, mining and processing of uranium, refining, transportation to nuclear reactors, production of nuclear power, generation of and transportation of nuclear waste, and guarding of nuclear waste sites over hundreds of thousands of years would entail incalculable costs. The government of Canada must act responsibly by regulating the nuclear industry, ending subsidies to nuclear companies, and investing in safe and sustainable renewable energy solutions.

What we oppose: We are opposed to the construction or use of Deep Geological Repositories (DGRs) for nuclear waste in Northern Ontario. In addition, we oppose the use of Small Modular Nuclear Reactors (SMRs), which will create even more high-level nuclear waste. We oppose the use of public funds for unreliable and untrustworthy nuclear technology in our communities and territories. We oppose disinformation campaigns (greenwashing) to make nuclear energy production seem beneficial and safe.

What we support: We support education about the risks and dangers of nuclear energy, and about alternative sustainable energy. This education should come from reputable, unbiased sources, not from the producers of nuclear energy (e.g., Nuclear Waste Management Organization – NWMO – or its member companies). We want a fast transition to renewable energy.

Voice/role for residents:  We ask that people become educated, seeking information from sources other than the nuclear industry, including NWMO.

We ask that others join us in demanding accurate information from the government, nuclear industry and nuclear regulators about the dangers and high risks of nuclear energy and radioactivity.

We ask the public to request and support a policy where nuclear waste agencies are at arms-length to the nuclear industry. More importantly, policy, planning and education about the nuclear industry be carried out in the interest of public safety and security.

Our strategies and actions:
We will engage with the public and decision makers, explaining the risks of DGRs and sharing analysis of NWMO’s plans and activities, and its financial courtship of communities and First Nations groups in Northern Ontario. Our actions will include publishing a website and maintaining a social media presence, offering online education, promoting community awareness gatherings, and distributing flyers/postcards. We will promote awareness of the greenwashing of nuclear energy and technology, and of radioactive waste disposal.

Recognizing Indigenous Right to Free, Prior and Informed Consent:
In the heart of Treaty 3 territory, NWMO has been investigating a site for nuclear waste burial. Transportation of high-level radioactive wastes from their current locations into Treaty 3 territory would require passage through many other treaty areas/territories. We recognize the right of indigenous peoples to determine and develop priorities and strategies for the development or use of their lands or territories and other resources.

“States shall take effective measures to ensure that no storage or disposal of hazardous materials shall take place in the lands or territories of indigenous peoples without their free, prior and informed consent.”

United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, article 29, paragraph 2

Allied organizations

ENvironment North logo

Environment North
Environment North strives to improve and protect the ecological sustainability and socio-economic well being of Northwestern Ontario through leadership, research, partnerships, education, community advocacy, information and community capacity building. We recognize that Environment North’s specific actions and activities revolve around respect and shared responsibility for air, water and land, the essentials of all life.

Northwatch is a regional coalition of environmental organizations,  community groups and individual members in northeastern Ontario. Founded in January of 1988, Northwatch has as a priority issues that are of a regional nature: sound energy planning, healthy forests, responsible mining, waste reduction, and conservation of our natural resources and environmental assets. Northwatch has worked with residents over the past two decades to prevent northeastern Ontario from becoming the receiving ground for foreign wastes, whether it’s Toronto’s garbage, Ontario’s biomedical waste, Canada’s nuclear reactor fuel waste, or PCBs from around the world.  

Sunset Country Spirit Alliance logo

Sunset Country Spirit Alliance (SCSA) is an alliance of concerned Dryden area residents who oppose the transportation and storage of high-level nuclear waste in Northwestern Ontario’s pristine Sunset Country. Facebook page.

Citizens United for a Sustainable Planet logo

CUSP (Citizens United for a Sustainable Planet)
CUSP is a grassroots group of citizens based in Thunder Bay. CUSP is committed to engaged communities, a healthy environment, and social and ecological justice. CUSP has focused mainly on raising awareness for strong action on climate change, including speaking out against new fossil fuel pipelines in support of the Indigenous peoples who are leading the protection of land, water and climate.

No Nuclear Waste In Northwestern Ontario (NNWNO) – a taskforce taking action to stop the burial of high-level nuclear waste in Northwestern Ontario. Facebook page.

North West Nuclear Watch is a new allied group in Atikokan that opposes the burial of nuclear fuel waste in NW Ontario.

NOCANDU: Northern Ontario Coalition Against Nuclear Dumping Underground

Northern Ontario Coalition Against Nuclear Dumping Underground – NOCANDU – opposes the underground dumping of nuclear fuel waste.