Debunking Articles

In this article series, We the Nuclear Free North responds to factual misconceptions that may arise from promotional materials dealing with nuclear energy and nuclear fuel waste.

CANADA’s Plan? … not really

Image with text: "CANADA'S PLAN?" ... not really. A We the Nuclear Free North debunker!

In advertising campaigns, the NWMO often refers to their Adaptive Phased Management Plan for nuclear fuel waste as “Canada’s Plan,” implying that a representative group of Canadians has chosen the option of placing the waste in a deep geological repository (DGR). This is not so. Read More.

Nuclear is NOT Green

In a strategy sometimes called greenwashing, we are told that nuclear power is “carbon-free power” and that the construction of new generators (including small modular reactors, or SMRs) is a necessary part of addressing climate change. Read why this is not so.

Nuclear Power and Nuclear Medicine: the true relationship (coming soon)

Proponents of nuclear power often cite the benefits of nuclear medicine among their reasons to support the continuing generation of nuclear power and its associated deadly waste. But what is the true relationship? (coming soon)