Nuclear Free Thunder Bay

Nuclear Free Thunder Bay is a group of individuals in and around Thunder Bay, Ontario, who oppose the transportation and burial of nuclear waste in Northwestern Ontario.

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Nuclear Free Thunder Bay Releases Results of Candidates’ Poll on Nuclear Waste Transport

Nuclear Free Thunder Bay has released the results of their two-question email poll of Thunder Bay municipal candidates regarding the possible transport of nuclear fuel waste to a proposed burial site in Northwestern Ontario.

Poll Questions:

1. Do you, as a candidate for municipal office in the City of Thunder Bay, oppose the transport of nuclear waste through the City of Thunder Bay?  Yes    No    Undecided

2. Do you, as a candidate for municipal office in the City of Thunder Bay, support the request to City Council (see deputation Sept. 12, 2022) to ask that the Ontario government adopt the Proximity Principle with regards to nuclear waste management? (The Proximity Principle directs that waste should be managed as close to the point of generation as is technically feasible. The Proximity Principle has been embedded in the European Community’s Strategy for Waste Management since the 1990s.)  Yes    No    Undecided

Of 56 municipal candidates for Mayor or Councillor with published email addresses, 22 responded YES to both questions, which comprised a large majority of the 36 responses received. Of the remainder, most were undecided or responded in paragraph form. We did not interpret the candidates’ paragraph responses, but have made them available. Twenty candidates with published email addresses did not respond.

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