Sunset Country Spirit Alliance

Sunset Country Spirit Alliance

~ a member of the We The Nuclear Free North alliance (links above)

Sunset Country Spirit Alliance is an organization of concerned Dryden-area residents who oppose the transportation and storage of high-level nuclear waste in Northwestern Ontario’s pristine Sunset Country.

Sunset Country is home to over 70,000 inter-connected freshwater lakes, rivers and streams in the heart of the Canadian wilderness.

In 2023, the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) will make the decision about transporting all of Canada’s high-level nuclear waste to Sunset Country for repackaging, temporary shallow storage and burial in a Deep Geological Repository (DGR).

Sign the petition to Stop The Disposal of Nuclear Waste in Northwestern Ontario.

Our watershed hangs in the balance

The Hudson Bay watershed is the largest ocean watershed in Canada (3.8 million km2 ) and extends over five Canadian provinces from Alberta to Quebec, and also over the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

Burying all of Canada’s high-level nuclear fuel waste here in Sunset Country risks contamination of our waterways all the way to Hudson Bay.

Who decides where nuclear waste goes?

Click to read the Winnipeg Free Press article.

“Nowhere has ‘consent’ been defined, nor has the process to be used in its determination.’

Looming deadline

The Nuclear Waste Management Organization’s host site, either the Ignace area or South Bruce site, will be selected by 2023.

If “temporary shallow storage” is implemented, it may allow for shallow storage of high-level nuclear waste at the central site before the deep geological repository (DGR) is even constructed.

Small town vs. Billion dollar Corporation

= David vs. Goliath

Targetted area

The Nuclear Industry has its sights set – and Sunset Country is their target!

Public opinion of the proposed DGR has been manipulated by the NWMO’s ongoing ability to offer endless dollars to anyone willing to sign their “Learn More Agreement”.

How NWMO divides communities

Click here to read article by Jason Wall. Summary below:

  1. target rural and northern communities
  2. overpower community concerns with promises of economic prosperity
  3. offer financial benefits to community organizations who want to “Learn More” and tightly control the narrative
  4. give money to all community organizations who want to “Learn More”
  5. discredit community opposition
  6. ignore the provincial policy statement to protect land and create a sense of inevitability about the project
  7. create a diversion by encouraging municipalities to measure willingness through innovative ways
  8. give more money to municipalities, including funding municipal staff positions

From Environment North:

“Nuclear Waste in Northwestern Ontario – Why We Should Be Concerned” presentation by Dodie LeGassick. Webpage with downloadable PDFs.

Canada’s Radioactive Waste: Abandonment vs. Stewardship – video of Dr. Gordon Edwards’ speech at the Environment North 2021 AGM: YouTube link, 1 hour 25 minutes.

From Aboriginal Peoples’ Television Network (APTN):

Two half-hour episodes describing how NWMO woos northern communities.

Nuclear Courtship – APTN Investigates – Part 1
Nuclear Courtship – APTN Investigates – Part 2

From Nuclear Waste Watch:

2019 letter to federal Minister of the Environment and Climate Change regarding proposed DGR in the other possible location beside Lake Huron. This provides valuable background on the issue.


Chiefs of Ontario – “We Are The Land” Declaration

“We, the Anishinaabek, the Mushkegowuk, and the Onkwehonwe, are the land. Our ancestors were the land, we are the land and our youth and future generations will be the land… What we do to the land – we do to ourselves, and to our future generations…..We draw from sacred law, traditional law, customary laws – we need to protect the lands, the waters and all living things for future generations.”

Four nuclear energy Sessions were hosted in 2009 by COO and the Nuclear Waste Management Organization to provide information on nuclear energy, waste management processes, and feedback on nuclear energy to prepare a position statement.

A report was prepared for leadership based on the sessions and recommendations, and presented to the Nuclear Waste Management Organization as well.  The “We are the Land” Declaration was developed based on recommendations from these sessions, and approved by the Chiefs in Assembly at the November 2010 Special Chiefs Assembly (Resolution 10/19).  The Declaration encompasses all industrial activities, including forestry and mining.

“We are the Land” Declaration can be used as a tool and living document when undertaking initiatives that impact the land. CHIEFS OF ONTARIO

You Can Help

  • Attend public information sessions hosted by NWMO and ask tough questions.
  • Submit articles and Letters to the Editor of area newspapers
  • Write letters to your MP and MPP’s to share your unwillingness to consent
  • Learn about the issues
  • Put a sign on your lawn, window or mailbox
  • Download a poster here: You Can Help! Place it in your window and on public bulletin boards.
  • Refuse to financially gain from NWMO’s “Learn More Agreement”.
  • Discuss the NWMO’s Adaptive Phase Management Plan with family and friends.
  • Join the Sunset Country Spirit Alliance to help spread the word! Email
  • Share your concerns, comments, questions and upcoming events with us.

Past Events

Elder, Darlene Necan

CBC News, Sept. 2020: Concerns about nuclear waste near Ignace, Ont., prompts one woman to hit the pavement

The Sioux Lookout Bulletin, Sept. 2020: Peaceful Awareness Walk Against Nuclear Waste in Sioux Lookout

Darlene Necan (third from left) is joined by fellow Ojibway Nation of Saugeen band members, as well as Sioux Lookout residents concerned about a proposed DGR in the Ignace area.
About Sunset Country Spirit Alliance

We are concerned residents of the Dryden area who oppose the transportation and storage of high-level nuclear waste in Northwestern Ontario’s pristine Sunset Country.

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Mail: Site 232, Box 31, RR#2 Dryden, ON P8N 2Y5


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